Cured Lupus Without Chemotherapy or Surgery

Karen* was diagnosed with lupus in 2006. During subsequent blood work, a nurse mistakenly ordered her blood to be tested for heavy metals. The results showed she had excessively high levels of mercury and lead in her blood. Karen refused surgery and chemotherapy and spent a year looking for a doctor who would address her […]

Diet Cured Her Infertility

At 31, doctors told Joy Hawk she was infertile. Determined to be a mom, Joy went through a two year in vitro fertilization (IVF) process which allowed her to give birth to her daughter, a small baby girl very near failure to thrive. After doctors discounted Joy’s questions about the possibility of her daughter’s health […]

Woman Cures Her MS (Multiple Sclerosis)

In 1998 Kristen was 27 years old. She was a triathlete, a mountain biker, a skier and a surgical scrub tech. She was visiting her parents when an emergency trip to the hospital ended with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. For over five years she attempted to cope with the intermittent and debilitating symptoms (exacerbations) […]

Became Vegan & Lost 20 Lbs.

For 16 years Catherine has studied, worked and lived food. I have yet to meet research she is unaware of, a health issue she can’t provide dietary advice for or a recipe she can’t fix. Five years ago she decided to be a vegetarian. Two years ago her disgust with factory farms, her concern with […]