Natural Cures for Anxiety

In Trudy Scott’s late 30s she started to feel in a way she describes as, “not the person she used to be.” She also started experiencing intense anxiety and even panic attacks. She went to the doctor and told him she thought there was something wrong with her brain. When a brain scan did not […]

How to Heal Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

When Edie Summers was in her 20s she was in a severe ski accident which required extensive therapy, medication and surgery. Edie and doctors think her body’s physical trauma from the accident and the subsequent surgery had a secondary impact — the onset of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. In Edie’s process of healing her body from […]

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Let Cancer Choose

Two months after Kristy was diagnosed with breast cancer she lost a huge part of her identity – her hair. Without her hair Kristy felt extreme vulnerability and invisibility. She felt unfeminine and isolated. Kristy scoured the Internet for answers on how others dealt with this enormous loss and found nothing. Then a friend suggested […]