How to Cure Asthma

Cure Allergies, Cure Asthma

Dr. Jill Cohn, DC, recently wrote to me to tell me about a program she uses to detect and heal allergies. She went on to say that when she can eliminate allergies in asthmatics, she can eliminate their asthma. As I can watch my husband David’s asthma symptoms get much better depending on what he […]

Diet Can Cure Asthma

Ingrid Perri has been a naturopath in Australia for over 20 years. When she sent me an email regarding the enormous and permanent changes in her asthmatic patients when they modified their diet, I immediately wanted to hear more. My husband, David, had lived with asthma since the age of six. As an adult he […]

14 People Who Cured Asthma

14 People Who Cured Asthma In-Depth Interviews with 14 people on how they completely cured themselves, their children & their patients of asthma. Only $13.49! Buy it Now Learn How: parents cured their infant children, toddlers and teenagers of asthma — for life severe lifelong asthmatics cured asthma with diet, lifestyle changes, therapies and more […]