How to Cure Asthma

Coconut Oil for Asthma? Yes!

Nancy Guberti is a Certified Nutritionist and a metabolic and functional medicine specialist in Greenwich, Connecticut. She has helped numerous asthmatics significantly reduce their asthma symptoms and even cure their asthma. In her years of practicing Nancy has come to find distinct patterns in the asthmatics she treats. These patterns are very high levels of […]

Vegetables Asthmatics Should Not Eat

David and others who were looking for and found an asthma cure discovered cutting out vegetables from the nightshade family helped reduce their asthma symptoms. The nightshade family consists of over 90 genera and 2000 species; many of which are poisonous, one of which is tobacco.  Although I originally thought they were called ‘nightshade’ because […]

Diet Cure for Asthma? For Some, Yes!

In hindsight, as it always does, it kind of made sense — once David transitioned over to my side of the aisle on food i.e.vegetarianism — his asthma symptoms got much worse. Knowing what I know now I think some of the major contributing factors to David’s sudden and worsening asthma symptoms were attributed to […]