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14 People Who Cured Asthma

Tired of watching my husband suffer with lifelong asthma and disgusted with Western doctors laughing (literally) when he asked about an asthma cure or natural options, I set out to find her own answers and found — 14 People Who Cured Asthma.

The 14 former asthmatics I found had completely eliminated all of their asthmatic symptoms and need for any asthma medication for themselves, their children and their patients and not just for hours or days but for months, years and decades.

The asthma cures these 14 people used involved many things, including lifestyle improvements, diet changes, alternative therapies, supplements and more. Some needed to work with unresolved grief. Others used some very unconventional yet highly effective alternative therapies. Some took days, months or years to cure their asthma; one woman cured her asthma in 90 minutes. Not one used any gimmicks in finding their asthma cure. Regardless of their individual journeys to find an asthma cure, they all arrived at the same destination: a life without asthma.

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