The Dealio with Feng Shui Colors

Wondering what the deal is with Feng Shui colors? Which you should use when and where? And which you should not use and where not to use them. Here is the breakdown: The Color You Need to Use is Dependent on What Area of Your Life You Want to Improve To begin with, the Bagua […]

Fabulous Feng Shui Tips for Your Office

There are two ways to work with Feng Shui – first by laying out the bagua map in respect to the configuration of a home (or a room); and second by following specific suggestions for particular rooms (i.e. the bedroom, living room, kitchen, etc). For example, just as there are Feng Shui tips for a house […]

4 Ways to Use Feng Shui for Fertility

According to the Chinese, you have two choices: Arrange your environment so the world naturally and easily helps you get what you want and need and hope for Leave your environment as is and work much harder than necessary for what you want and need and hope for and perhaps yield less impressive results in […]