Reduced Toddler’s Asthma Symptoms with Homeopathic Remedies

Sara Chana, used homeopathy to drastically reduce her young sons asthma symptoms.

Sara Chana’s son was born with severe eczema. Then at 18 months old he was diagnosed with asthma. Western medicine offered her antibiotics, hydrocortisone and steroids to alleviate but not heal the symptoms of both. Sara refused to accept this is as a lifelong prognosis for her son. She spent countless sleepless nights researching herbs and homeopathy and in the end healed her son of both. Today she is a homeopath.

Here is a bit of their story.

Were your son’s asthma and eczema related?

Lots of kids with eczema turn up with asthma but not all kids with asthma get eczema. The correlation between eczema and asthma is very strong. My son started wheezing when he was about one and a half years old. He was on a nebulizer and could barely breathe. He had allergy controlled pillow cases and bedding. I bought air filters. He did not eat any foods with chemicals in them and he was still wheezing because he had an over reactive airway. A little dust mite would get in there and his lungs would start to quiver, shake and compress in on themselves. My son still has a slight over reactive immune system but herbs and homeopathy keep it in line.

Both asthma and eczema are a hyper-reaction of the immune system. People with asthma and / or eczema have an over active immune system. When people are having a hyper-reaction their body is misreading the signals around it. The body is reading these non-toxic triggers as if they are toxic and the body, skin and/or lungs hyper-respond.

What are examples of irritants and allergens that trigger the asthmatic over reactive airway?

Hair spray, perfume, dust mites, molds, smog, tobacco smoke.

Sara Chana, Homeopath who significantly reduced her toddler son’s asthma symptoms

Can stress be one of the things that cause this hyper-reaction?

Everybody is stressed in this world. When somebody is stressed their weakness will come out. The person who gets migraines when put under stress will get migraines. The person who gets acne when put under stress will get acne. Stress is going to exacerbate any pre-existing condition. It is not that asthmatics are more stressed; it is just that under stress they have a propensity to have asthmatic symptoms.

Did you use one approach to heal both the eczema and the asthma in your son?

Yes. They were treated the same way. We balanced his immune system with homeopathy and we reduced the inflammation and eczema wounds with herbs. Homeopathy stimulates the body to balance itself. Herbs heal tissues and work on the internal organs. His body is no longer responding to the asthma triggers or environmental triggers which were causing the asthmatic response. He is in college now and he is functioning like a normal adult.

How long did this take for his body to stop having asthmatic symptoms?

It takes from 4 to 6 months for the body to begin to readjust itself.

Do you recommend homeopathy and herbs as a way to cure asthma?

I like to use herbs and homeopathic remedies [for asthma]. There are over 3000 homeopathic remedies available to balance the system. I do not always get it right the first time.

I like to use herbs to heal the system. I will often give a herb called Cramp Bark Herb which will stop the spasming of the lungs. I will give an herb called Elecampane that helps clean out the mucus. Often asthmatics over produce mucus and as such I give them Yerba Santa which clears the nasal passages of mucus. I give them Usnea for upper respiratory infections.

Herbs take longer than homeopathic remedies. When I get the right homeopathic remedy the person will feel better in an hour. The right homeopathic remedy goes with both the symptoms and the personality of the person, whereas with herbs I typically treat the symptoms and not the name of the disease. We don’t treat the name of the disease. We treat the symptoms in homeopathy.

How does homeopathy work with adults who have chronic asthma?

There is a very interesting discussion in homeopathy when you are healing chronic illness in adults; it often follows a pattern that old illnesses reappear and disappear. A famous homeopath named Dr. Hering said that when you give the correct remedy the illness will heal from the above downwards, from within to without, from a more important organ to a less important organ in the reverse order in which you got these illnesses. We use homeopathy to unfold these illnesses backwards. Maybe as a kid a patient had mumps, then eczema and then strep throat. The body needs to untangle itself from these illnesses it had before the chronic illness developed to fully heal itself with homeopathic remedies.

Sometimes an adult will have had eczema in the cracks of their arms as a kid and then they take a homeopathic remedy and get eczema in the cracks of their arms for a few months. If an adult broke his arm as a child as he is going through the homeopathic remedies his arm may hurt for a few weeks as the body rebuilds and restructures itself.

With homeopaths we cure as much by the psyche and the emotional state of the person as we do by the disease state. People like to go to homeopaths because we take a deep interest in them.

What is the relationship between immunity issues and asthma?

Most asthmatics have a compromised immune system. They can have food induced asthma. A lot of them have viral induced asthma or exercise induced asthma. Most asthmatics ability to function in the world is not great. That is why you see in films the one kid who is getting picked on is the one kid that needs his inhaler. Asthmatics are more vulnerable to everything around them in their lives. Breathing is so vitally important that they tend to be more fearful. They are more vulnerable to germs and bugs. They tend to be more vulnerable beings.

What type of doctor should an asthmatic look for? A homeopath? A naturopath? An acupuncturist?

Breathing is life and death. If you go to an alternative practitioner and they say they are going to be able to get you off your asthma medicine in three weeks, I would leave. I never take my clients off of their asthma medicine until we build up their immune system. We go slowly. We keep them on that asthma medicine for a couple of months.

If anyone offers you a miracle drug walk out. If they want you to buy $300 of herbs walk out. I would not do acupuncture for children under 10 because needles hurt. A naturopathic doctor is a great idea but there are not a lot around. Craniosacral is fabulous, but that is with bodies and energies that are out of line and for my asthmatics they need to spend money internally. If my asthmatics have money I will send them to a craniosacral therapist. There is nothing better because they will put them back in line for the body misalignment associated with wheezing. I don’t believe chiropractors should dispense herbs because most of them are not trained in herbal medicine. Herbs are not part of chiropractic training. I believe homeopathy and herbal remedies are the best for the asthmatic person, but I think craniosacral is great for asthma as well.

What is the philosophy of homeopathy?

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

The man who started homeopathy believes the body is meant to heal itself and I absolutely believe that. The body is a self healing mechanism and we just need to take steps to get the body to the position where it can totally function for itself. If you take steroids it stops the immune system. If you take antibiotics it stops the immune system.  Asthma medicine is a Vasa dilator. It dilates the air passages, but it does not let the body do it on its own. We as homeopaths really believe the body is a self healing mechanism and we just need to help and support it.

The founder of homeopathy would say if someone comes to you with a chronic cough you can give him a great homeopathic remedy, but if he lives in a dark, moldy basement that cough is going to come back so you need to get him out of that dark moldy basement. If someone comes to me for asthma and she is in a terrible marriage and hates her job; my job as a homeopath is to get her out of that environment. My job as a homeopath is to get my patients into a healthy environment. If things are bothering you daily you will never get better. In order for your body to self-heal itself sometimes you need to change your environment.

How long was it before your son’s asthma was significantly healed?

He was off the nebulizer by the time he was four years old and then only used it when he needed it. I would not say he is completely cured. He was born with a compromised immune system.

What are the long terms effects of being on the inhalers or other traditional Western pharmaceuticals for asthma control?

People become addicted to their asthma medicine. With steroids the lung tissue thins and they become resistant to the medication over time. None of my patients get addicted to herbs or homeopathic remedies.

What diet recommendations do you have for asthmatics?

I believe 100% in Dr. D’Adamo’s blood type diet. I feel diet makes a huge difference in asthmatics life.

What recommendation do you have for exercise?

If you don’t exercise you will not be healthy. As a homeopath I try to figure out which exercise my patient will be compliant with.

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