Coconut Oil for Asthma? Yes!

Nancy Guberti is a Certified Nutritionist and a metabolic and functional medicine specialist in Greenwich, Connecticut. She has helped numerous asthmatics significantly reduce their asthma symptoms and even cure their asthma. In her years of practicing Nancy has come to find distinct patterns in the asthmatics she treats.

These patterns are very high levels of candida and intolerances to wheat, dairy, gluten and soy. Nancy can perform functional tests on asthmatics to determine the exact levels of candida, food intolerances and other factors through a series of three functional tests: the first morning urine test, the food intolerance test and a full stool analysis test.

With or without these tests, Nancy will often work with her asthmatic clients to change their diet. According to Nancy, “Inflammation is the root cause of asthma.  What we see is when we remove inflammatory foods, it helps tremendously. The top inflammatory foods are dairy, wheat, soy, corn, whey and gluten.” Nancy notes that when her patients can follow this diet 100 percent they see dramatic results “in about two weeks.”

The good news is that the diet which will help reduce asthma symptoms significantly or even cure asthma is not just about eliminating things from your diet but about substituting things in your normal everyday diet with things that are very healthy and just as tasty (if not tastier). Coconut oil and other coconut products substitute easily for common every day foods and are extraordinarily healthy and healing for asthmatics looking for an asthma cure and/or home remedies for asthma.

8 things to know about coconut oil for asthma:

#1 Why are coconut products and coconut oil so good for asthmatics?

Asthma is a condition of internal inflammation that is caused frequently by high levels of candida and poor digestion in the GI track. According to Nancy, “studies show that the first sign of inflammation will occur in the GI track. If you think of your GI track as a bucket and if you put a cup of water in that bucket every time you eat food that causes inflammation, eventually that bucket is going to over flow and with most people the first place that inflammation goes to is to the lungs.”

Coconut oil is a natural anti-fungal and anti-viral which will fight the candida asthmatics so often have and it is also an anti-inflammatory that will help reduce inflammation in the GI track thereby lessening the chance of the inflammation from the GI track spilling into the lungs and causing asthma symptoms.

Lastly, coconut oil can helps naturally rebuild tissues broken down from the wear and tear asthma has on the body.

#2 Asthmatics can substitute coconut oil and coconut products for many things!

As Nancy says, “Fourteen years ago there were not the dairy substitutions that exist today.” Thankfully for asthmatics looking for relief from their asthma symptoms many every day products are now made from coconut products. If you are looking for an asthma cure or home remedies for asthma consider the following substitutions:

  • Coconut oil in any instance where you would normally use vegetable oil
  • Coconut ice cream instead of traditional milk based ice cream
  • Coconut milk half and half instead of dairy creamer
  • Instead of wheat, white or any other kind of bread eat coconut flour bread (or even almond flour or tapioca flour bread!)
  • Coconut milk anytime you would normally use dairy milk (this includes in baking!)
  • Coconut oil on toast instead of butter
  • Coconut yogurt instead of traditional yogurt
  • Coconut egg nog instead of traditional egg nog
  • Coconut oil anytime you would be frying, stir frying or sautéing anything
  • Coconut milk instead of evaporated milk

#3 Pick the best coconut oil and coconut products for asthmatics

Nancy recommends the brands So Delicious and Luna and Larry’s. Nancy notes that So Delicious “has unsweetened coconut milk” which she recommends to her patients over the sweetened version.

Nancy recommends, “Always go with organic virgin coconut oil products if possible because we do not want to put chemicals in asthmatics as they already have compromised bodies. You want to look for products that do not have additional toxins.” Nancy also recommends looking at, or for coconut oil and coconut product options.

#4 Asthma inhalers can cause candida growth in your mouth, coconut oil can help eliminate it

Asthma inhalers can cause candida to form in the mouth which can then spread to other parts of the body including the lungs which will cause asthma symptoms. Coconut oil helps get rid of this candida.

#5 Do not refrigerate coconut oil

Coconut oil should not be refrigerated. In the cold months coconut oil will be a solid. In the warmer months it will be a liquid. Nancy notes, “In the winter when I put it on toast I use a knife and in the summer I use a spoon.”

#6 Coconut is high in the fat that your lungs need

Coconut oil is high in phospholipids and is also compromised of 100 percent fatty acids which are the best type of fat for the lungs.  According to Nancy, “Lungs work the best with the kind of fat found in coconut oil as opposed to the partially hydrogenated fats and oils from corn or vegetable oil which are found in so many of our foods.”

#7 Daily Coconut Oil Consumption

To get the maximum benefit from coconut oil Nancy recommends adding, “two tablespoons of coconut oil daily and one to two glasses of coconut milk,” to your diet daily.

#8 Other things asthmatics can do to aside from incorporating coconut oil in their diets:

Making the substitutions of coconut oil and products are important in reducing candida, reducing inflammation and rebuilding tissue. To further support asthmatic’s health and wellness Nancy also suggests:

1. Getting rid of dairy, wheat, soy, corn, whey and gluten in your diet.

14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day

14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day

2. Nourishing your mucus membranes and lungs with Nature’s Answer Mullein and Pau D’Arco

3. Taking probiotics. Nancy suggests probiotics from Klaire. Nancy loves Klaire’s products because, “there is no dairy or soy in them and they are alive. They are delivered to you in a gel pack. When you buy probiotics on the shelf at a health food store they are typically dead. I would look at 50 billion of a combination of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.” Nancy does not like to overwhelm her patients with too many changes in the beginning, but if patients are ready for it, she recommends they start taking the probiotics when they start with the diet changes. Otherwise Nancy suggests waiting two weeks while getting accustomed to the diet and then beginning the probiotics.

4. Nancy also recommends finding a health practitioner that runs functional medicine tests who can support you on your journey to finding an asthma cure or find the best asthma home remedies for you. “Typically if you find a practitioner that runs functional medical tests it means they think out of the box and are willing to look beyond the breathing test for solutions for asthmatics. Nancy suggests looking for nutritionists such as herself, naturopaths or MDs. She then suggests emailing them or calling them to learn more about their approach.

Learn more about Nancy. Get coconut oil the easy way! Shipped to your doorstep. I love this coconut oil and this is coconut milk I always have loads of in my house.


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42 thoughts on “Coconut Oil for Asthma? Yes!

  1. My son has asthma and it is worth giving a try I have tried like so many medications including antibiotic and nothing works so good advise on coconut oil.

    • Hi Natasha, For my husband at least I am 99% convinced bread and grains causes his asthma. He went home to Spain, ate a bunch of bread came back with raging asthma. We cut out all the bread and he is back to never needing his inhaler. Everyone is different but I would HIGHLY suggest talking to an Eastern Medical Professional and / or naturopath. That is what drastically improved my husband’s life at 3 decades of Western Medicine.

  2. I don’t have Asthma. But my Mom has it she has to have her inhaler everywhere she goes. Even if she laughs or Coughs She will get it. I really do hope this stuff works.

  3. Have developed. COPD. mold in lungs. Fungus. On skin. Etc. You name. Due my apt found out was filled with mold and fungus. Bought EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. CAPSULE. FROM NATURES SECRET. ALSO THE CARRY OIL FOR COOKING. price is right Just a few days skin sort of laps up the oil on my skin. It evened out the color and didn’t leave me greasy. 82 and look about 60 my doctors tell me my hobby is supplements. As I work out at a gym. My art work and murals keep me working very much a health nut. Coconut oil is natures gift.

  4. Last night I used coconut oil before bed. Usually I wake up in the morning with tight chest and take my inhaler immediately. Believe it or not , this morning my chest was not tight at all. up to now 5:30p.M Ive not taken any inhaler! I then googled ” coconut oil & Asthma” and found that it is a good remedy for Asthma. I also read your stories and I,m so exicited that it works. Hard to believe but is working and I’ ll keep on moving. Relieve at last. Praise God for creating coconut tree.

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