Diet Cure for Asthma? For Some, Yes!

Is Diet the Cure for Asthma? It is for some.

Is Diet the Cure for Asthma? It is for some.

In hindsight, as it always does, it kind of made sense — once David transitioned over to my side of the aisle on food i.e.vegetarianism — his asthma symptoms got much worse. Knowing what I know now I think some of the major contributing factors to David’s sudden and worsening asthma symptoms were attributed to the increased amount of pasta, bread, quinoa, brown rice, soy, etc he consumed as he was decreasing the amount of meat and fish he consumed.

On the first day David went to his acupuncturist he was prescribed the best thing I think a doctor can prescribe for long term health and wellness — a new diet. It was a Paleo Diet with a few twists such as no nightshade vegetables. David was thrilled because fish and organic meat were on the list! We were both thrilled because his asthma symptoms were vanishing two weeks into this diet. This is what he did.

  • No sugar
  • No wheat*
  • No dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc)
  • No soy (hence one of the biggest problems with our vegetarian diet)
  • No beans
  • No refined or processed foods
  • No alcohol
  • No tomatoes
  • No eggplant
  • No potatoes
  • No peppers (except for black pepper)
  • No peanuts or peanut butter
  • No fried foods
  • No pasta
  • No corn
  • No brown rice (this still does not make sense to me, but…doctors orders)
  • No cooking in any oil except for coconut oil**
  • Drinking room temperature water with meals
  • Eating wild blue fish (tuna, salmon, anchovies, sardines etc) multiple times per week
  • Drinking a minimum of 2 liters (64 ounces of water) a day and more if possible
  • Eating spelt bread in limited amounts**
  • Eating only organic meat
  • Limiting his salt intake
  • Limiting honey
  • Drinking green tea

A few other things he did:

  • In talking with 14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day 14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day[/caption]cures/”>others who found an asthma cure some discussed the amazing benefits of magnesium and vitamin C for curing asthma. As such, David, would occasionally take vitamin C (typically 2000 milligrams at a time) and magnesium (400 milligrams at a time). The magnesium seemed to help on the days were he was feeling a bit symptomatic.
  • Washed all of the sheets, blankets and even pillows at times, once a week.
  • Every morning he drank the juice of one lemon mixed with approximately a teaspoon of ground ginger mixed with water.
  • Took supplements to aid with his digestion as recommended by his acupuncturist.
  • His acupuncturist (thank freaking God) believes, ‘Everything in moderation including moderation.’ He told David to do this diet 80% of the time. What we found, and perhaps this is our lack of self control, but once his asthma symptoms got drastically better 80% quickly turned into 60% – 70% and those asthma symptoms came right back. Now we aim for 90% – 95% and he is doing much better.
  • *I was sure this would make all of our food taste like pina coladas but it actually makes food taste amazing, IMHO. Vegetable broth, or whatever type of broth you would like and water are also good and less expensive options.

    ** To note, David’s acupuncturist believes it is better for him not to eat bread at all, but spelt bread is the best option for him if he is going to eat it. Also, if you do not want a cardboard sandwich, I highly recommend buying spelt bread at a bakery. The extra money, extra deliciousness and no taste of cardboard are well worth the trip.


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