Cured Asthma in 90 Minutes

Jeanette Chasworth, Cured Her Asthma in 90 Minutes

Jeanette Chasworth, Cured Her Asthma in 90 Minutes

Jeanette Chasworth suffered many bouts of bronchitis as a child, but was not diagnosed with asthma until her early 20s. For four years after Jeanette was diagnosed, she looked unsuccessfully for a cure. A chance meeting between her father and a healer would turn Jeanette’s life and health around. After one 90-minute session with this healer, Jeanette has never had to use her inhaler or asthma medication again. That was over 16 years ago.

Here is a bit of her story.

What were the approaches you tried to cure your asthma?
I went to doctors and they could not offer anything that helped. I tried swimming, which was really helpful. Doctors gave me inhalers. They also gave me this pill and other medication and I ended up with a bloody nose and had to go to the hospital because of it. I did all kinds of inhalers and medication, but they were not helping me. They were helping me so I could breathe, but they were not getting me to a point where I did not need them, or where I even felt good. You have all of those drugs in you, and you just feel icky.
Whenever I got stressed out, I would have an asthma attack. My dad happened across a guy who said he could cure me. At that point, I would have done just about anything to breathe again. He called himself a metaphysical healer. I did not know what to expect. My parents said he was a little unorthodox, but he said he could heal me, so I was game.

What happened in your visit with him?

He did muscle testing. He explained to me that every organ is associated with an emotion. The lungs are associated with depression. As he was doing muscle testing he was telling me things about myself and all I could think was, “How the hell do you know that?” He could tell a lot about me just by doing muscle testing. As part of that treatment, he explained to me that my asthma was because my biological father died when I was at the age of one and I did not, at that age, have the capacity to grieve.

Did this healer know your father died or did he sense this during the muscle testing?

My body kind of talked to him through muscle testing. It was fascinating. He did not know that my father died specifically. He was able to go through different ages via muscle testing, and was able to tell me what had happened around those ages. He explained to me that we lock our emotions up in a cage, and if we are able to release those emotions from the cage, then we can heal.

I had known my whole life I had emotional issues with my father dying. I could have talked about it forever and it would not have had the impact on me that this did. I went home and cried for three hours, and I have not had an asthma attack since.

What did he actually do to you during this treatment?

A series of muscle tests to figure out what was going on with different organs, and then, through a series of movements, energy exchanges and questions/answers, he was able to release that emotion caged up in me. It was a really simple technique. I also used this treatment to cure interstitial cystitis. I had a very serious bout of depression that I used this technique to heal from as well.

Was your asthma cured in one treatment?

Yes, he did it in one treatment.

How long was the treatment?

It was about an hour and a half. I don’t remember exactly.

Was your asthma triggered by anything other than stress?

The attacks were triggered by stress. As a child I was allergic to dust. Beaches have always been hard for me to visit because the dampness makes it hard to breathe. My husband’s family had a family reunion in the desert every year and it was miserable for me.

How severe would you say your asthma was?

I think it ranged from coughing up a lung to not being able to get out of bed for three days.

Do you have any advice for others who are looking for a cure for asthma?

Obviously I am a fan of the holistic methods. There are a lot of holistic methods out there, and it is a matter of finding the one that works for you. I have had several illnesses throughout my life, and in the end, they all can be related to stress. If the full holistic thing is too wacky, do some yoga, do something that calms your stress. Maybe just knowing that the lung is the physical area of depression can help you think through what is making you sad. You may be able to have a conversation with yourself and decide what you need to change.

That is how I approach life. I don’t believe that if something comes to me that it is the way it has to be. I believe I can change it. I believe that illness is God’s way of saying to me, “Wake up and see that you have to change something.” I think if we start to look at what is going on in our lives — are we not eating right, are there people around us who are not healthy for us to be around — we can find answers. Find something that works for you. Healing work was very helpful to me. You have to find that peace. You have to find what on the emotional level is causing that pain.

What did this cost?

He charged by the release. It was not a set cost.  He never charged for the first visit, but when you came back for the follow up, you paid him. I think I eventually paid him $100 for that visit. If it didn’t work, you didn’t pay him, but it always worked. He had a funny way of pricing. He is not doing it anymore — he has passed away.

14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day

14 People Who Cured Asthma, by Linda Rubright, The Founder of The Delicious Day

Do you have any ideas on the type of person this would work for?

I think this is for the person who does not want to be sick anymore. I do not want to be mean, but I do believe there are people who like being sick. They do not want to be well. It gives them the excuse to not do things. It gives them a crutch to lean on. Healing work is definitely not for that person. It is for someone who is willing to look inside themselves. If you are going to go in resistant to change, you are not going to get anything out of it. If you are not willing to change, nothing is going to change. People have to be open to the fact that our bodies are often smarter than doctors; you just have to learn to listen to them.

Anything else you would like to add?

I do not discount the medical side of illness, but I think we also have to look at the emotional side of it. I believe there is a link between depression and the lungs. If you can find a cure for the emotions, very often you can also find a cure for the body.

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