14 People Who Cured Asthma

How 14 people completely cured their children, themselves and their patients of asthma.

14 People Who Cured Asthma

In-Depth Interviews with 14 people on how they completely cured themselves, their children & their patients of asthma.

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Learn How:

  • parents cured their infant children, toddlers and teenagers of asthma — for life
  • severe lifelong asthmatics cured asthma with diet, lifestyle changes, therapies and more
  • alternative therapies completely cured asthma — on the first try
  • adults who developed a sudden case of asthma have since completely cured themselves
  • Western medical doctors cured their asthma and how they help patients do the same

Contents of 14 People Who Cured Asthma:

#1 Cured Her Two Children of Asthma with Vitamin C
#2 Cured Her Asthma in 90 Minutes
#3 Worked with Unresolved Grief, Improved Her Health, Cured Her Asthma
#4 Changed Her Life, Cured Her Asthma
#5 Doctor Who Cures Asthma with Rib Alignments and More
#6 From Near-Fatal Asthma Attack to Inhaler-Free for 17 Years
#7 Cured Asthma with Energy Work
#8 Diet Changes, Essential Oils & Chiropractics Cures Asthma
#9 Cured Asthma with Homeopathy at the Age of 14
#10 Quit Asthma Inhalers Cold Turkey
#11 Cured Asthma with Antibiotics
#12 Cured Asthma with Chiropractics
#13 Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven-Day Cleanse
#14 Doctor Who Cured His Asthma Holistically, Helps Others Do the Same

PLUS….These three stories also included from people who have drastically reduced asthma symptoms for easy reference!

Diagnosed with Asthma in Her 40s, Healed Herself in Her 50s
The Homeopath Who Healed Her Son of Asthma
Chiropractor Healed Her Asthma Holistically

Who is this for:

  • parents who want their children to live a life without asthma and the need for asthma medication
  • asthmatic who are tired of the relentlessness of asthma, it’s symptoms & the medication
  • doctors and medical professionals who are looking for information on alternative approaches and asthma cures which others have successfully used
  • people who love someone who is asthmatic and does not want them to suffer needlessly anymore
  • people who want inspiration from former asthmatics who chose not to listen to their doctors and instead discovered a way to live a life asthma free

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