Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven-Day Cleanse

Karen, Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven Day Cleanse

Karen, Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven Day Cleanse

#13 Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven-Day Cleanse

Karen was diagnosed with asthma around the age of 35. Her asthma started with severe allergies that were triggered when she moved into her fiancé’s house in February 2000. Within a year, she was having asthma attacks every night at 3 a.m. She tried numerous therapies and remedies to heal herself, then she tried a cleanse. On the third day of the cleanse, her asthma stopped. She has not had any asthma symptoms since.

Excerpt from Karen’s story:

What remedies did you use to try to cure yourself?

I tried hot and cold showers, drinking warm broth, a neti pot for nasal irrigation, massage, infrared saunas, pulling up old carpeting, doing coffee enemas and cleaning radiators like my life depended on it.

My husband’s house was an old German Tudor. We had it tested for mold and the results came back so minimal that it couldn’t have been the issue. I do believe it had something to do with the very old carpeting we had in that house. We did remove it from the bedroom, which helped, but we never did remove it from the living room or dining room.

Did you find that any of those treatments significantly helped you in alleviating asthma symptoms?

Yes, the hot and cold showers did help with congestion and so did cleaning up my environment. There’s this stigma around things like coffee enemas, however, they made such a huge difference as far as my congestion. It was amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Cured Asthma on Day Three of a Seven-Day Cleanse

  1. I reduced 70% my medicine for asthma (aerosol) with a weekly colon cleanse. Once a week, early in the morning, I made a 1 – 1,5 quarts chamomile enema, taken slowly in savasana yoga pose on a camping inflatable mat, more soft than a bed or a yoga mat. It is important to made this procedure pleasant and fully relaxed, and after various trials, I found that a partially inflated camping mat is the best for a very pleasant procedure. I don’t care about volume, I listen my body only, avoiding cramps and discomfort. Closing my eyes to listen my body only. If I don’t feel clean, and if my body want, I repeat the procedure in the afternoon.

    Four times a year I made a deeper cleanse with a series of chamomile enemas, in a one-day fasting. The first one (1,5 – 2 quarts) early in the morning, followed by approx. 2,5 quarts (sometimes less than 2, other times almost 3) in the afternoon) and another one, with a strong solution (6-8 teabags of chamomille in one quart of water) before bedding, this one is great for a nice sleep.

    I repeat this before-bedding enema every time I want to have a nice, pleasant and relaxed sleep. In the winter season, I love to made this enema with a temperature slight warmer than my body temperature (39 Celsius max!).

    The most important things if that I never take care about volume, if the procedure is fully pleasant and relaxing I obtain a better result, sometimes even with smaller volumes. It is important to enjoy the positive feeling of the water that gently distend my colon and gently wash it. Cramps and pain are enemy of a detox procedure!

    Of course, I consulted a doctor in medicine before. Always consult a doctor before a detox procedure!

  2. After some months:

    Last month: no enemas, regular use (20 times in 30 days) of cortisone aerosol (I was busy with my home moving and I was not relaxed to receive – enjoy – taste a nice cleaning enema – too tired)

    This week: a lot of yoga, and three enemas in 3 different days (1,7 quarts – 2 quarts – almost 3 today – always chamomile) and NO use of cortisone aerosol! Today the last deep cleanse was very successful. I think that my first two enemas improved greatly my breath, solving my asthma, so today with very deep breathing I was able to receive in a very pleasant way almost 3 quarts, with another great improvement. My breath is excellent today.

    I always took the volume wanted by my body. I love to take enemas with minimal clothes, only a T-shirt and barefoot. Barefoot, because I enjoy, like in yoga, to feel free and in contact with the ground floor during the procedure on my mat – today a yoga mat. I feel that the best results I have had are those due to the combination of yoga, relaxation, enemas, and sunbath. The enema-detox procedure combined with outdoor activities (sunbath, yoga, good reading, walking barefoot on the grass, playing outdoor, love) is great to care asthma!

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