14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

 Learn How 14 People Cured Asthma

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Learn How:

  • parents cured their infant children, toddlers and teenagers of asthma — for life
  • severe lifelong asthmatics cured asthma with lifestyle changes, therapies and more
  • alternative therapies completely cured asthma — on the FIRST TRY
  • adults who developed a sudden case of asthma have since completely cured themselves
  • Western medical doctors cured their asthma and how they help patients do the same
  • Meet these 14 people now!

About the Author

My journey to finding a cure for asthma began in a $30 hotel room in Panama City, Panama. My then-boyfriend (now husband), who had lived with asthma since the age of six, was experiencing severe and seemingly worsening asthma symptoms. As a fluke, we searched online for “asthma cures.” Read more….

Book Specifications:

  • 115 pages
  • Available for immediate download after purchase.
  • 14 asthma cures for $9.99
  • The information provided in this book drastically improved my husband’s health. I hope the same for you. If you however do not find this information helpful I am happy to provide you a 100% refund of your purchase.

What the Experts Say:

“…a must read for those suffering with allergies, asthma, or auto-immune disorders!! Kudos to the author for bringing these stories together to make a compelling argument.” Katherine Price, ADHD Help for Parents, ADHDC

“…it empowers readers to take health into their own hands, and reminds us that it is never too late.” Katie Altneu, MSOM, Dipl O.M, LA.C, The Point Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine (Denver)

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Buy 14 People Who Cured Asthma on Asthma Kindle Now

Now also available in Paperback.

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  1. This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! Just downloaded it and off to heal to myself!!!!!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration explanation and direction! Help is needed and appreciated!

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