10 People, 10 Resolutions that Weren’t in The Crapper on January 15th

10 everyday people, 10 goals, 10 incredible stories of deciding (and succeeding) in living better.

1. Lose weightThe Woman Who Doesn’t Eat Like a Carnivore or a Vegetarian (and Lost 20 lb. Because of It

2. Quit Smoking Give This Man 4 Hours of Your Life & You Will Never Smoke Again

3. Travel MoreThe Couple Who Slept in A Tent (In Sub-Saharan Africa) for 4.5 Months

4. Take this job and [email protected]*&%@! itThe Woman Whose Job it Is To Get You to Leave Yours

5. Live in another countryThe Man Who Decided to Move to Cambodia (and 2.5 Weeks Later Lived There)

6. Be better in relationshipsA Psychologist’s Thoughts on Infidelity, What No One Tells Parents & How Technology is F’n Up Relationships

7. Figure out what to do with your lifeThe Couple Who Mastered the Art of the Permanent Vacation

8. Be better to the environmentA Woman Who Lives (Almost Entirely) Without Plastic

9. Live like a queen (at least for a little bit AND for free)The Man Who Plays Matchmaker Between Owners of Villas & Those Wanting to Stay There (For Free)

10. Do something that scares the sh*t out of youThree People She Didn’t Know, One Car and a 8500 Mile Road Trip



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