Asthma Cure: Urine injections (Seriously)

Mark Keeler, his wife and grandchildren.

Mark Keeler, his daugher and grandchildren.

Mark Keeler had respiratory problems his entire life. As an adult he was recommended to a San Diego doctor, Dr. John Humiston.

Dr. Humiston had created a proprietary healing program for his wife when she almost died of asthma. Mark, although a bit skeptical went to see him. Three months later Mark no longer needed any asthma medication nor has he needed it for over four years.

6 things to know about this unusual, yet highly effective asthma cure program:

1.       It requires weekly urine injections

Once a week, for a period of approximately three months, Mark visited Dr. Humiston’s office for a small injection of his own purified urine. Mark says the science behind this is ‘your urine contains antibodies that get flushed out. However, when they are injected back in your body they bolster your immune system,’ and thereby support efforts in alleviating asthma symptoms and curing asthma.

2.       Lots and lots of herbs and supplements

Dr. Humiston started Mark on a herb and supplement program. The supplements and herbs changed as Mark progressed through the program. At one point he was, ‘taking up to 11 supplements a day.’ Even with the high number of supplements he was taking Mark says he, ‘did not feel any side effects except for feeling a little light headed, not dizzy, just light headed,’ when he was taking the liver cleanse supplement.

3.       It takes time

According to Mark, ‘Three months after Dr. Humiston’s treatment I noticed I had less congestion. I still had allergies and took antihistamines every once in awhile until I decided I wasn’t taking antihistamines either and shortly after that the allergies went away.’ Mark still visits Dr. Humiston’s office once a month for blood work and a check up.

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

4.       Anti-Candida Diet is Essential

A major component of Dr. Humiston’s philosophy is that the asthmatic reaction is caused by candida in the lungs. To help rid the body of this candida Dr. Humiston prescribes a strict diet to help eradicate any candida issues.

5.       This treatment is covered by insurance

The initial supply of supplements (approximately $300) are not covered by insurance but after that Mark only needed to cover, ‘the co-pay for the office visit as the injections were covered by his insurance [Cigna].’

6.       Weight loss, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol are bonuses of the program

Although Mark went to Dr. Humiston in search of an asthma cure, he also had the added bonus of the program lowering his blood pressure, dropping his cholesterol levels and helping him lose weight!

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