Cure Allergies, Cure Asthma

Dr. Jill Cohn, cures asthma by curing allergies

Dr. Jill Cohn, cures asthma by curing allergies

Dr. Jill Cohn, DC, recently wrote to me to tell me about a program she uses to detect and heal allergies. She went on to say that when she can eliminate allergies in asthmatics, she can eliminate their asthma. As I can watch my husband David’s asthma symptoms get much better depending on what he eats, I was quite intrigued with what she had to say.

Here is a bit of her story.

Could you talk about the different things can cause asthma symptoms?

Asthma is a symptom of an allergy. There are the eight foods which can be major triggers for asthmatics: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish and shellfish. Asthma symptoms can also be triggered by pollens, perfume, animal dander, chemicals, bacteria, shifts in the barometric pressure, stress, or just about anything.

A person’s asthma symptoms are unique to them. Asthma is just a symptom of something that is going on inside of them or an allergy. It is possible that one person would get asthma from being exposed to wheat whereas another would get eczema and another would have no reaction at all. The asthma a person is experiencing is just a symptom of some type of stress.

There are certain allergies that show up immediately in people such as a cat allergy, but there are other allergies that show up two or three days after you are exposed to them, which is why it is harder to detect what allergen is causing the asthma symptoms.

Why is it that someone with a wheat allergen may get eczema where as others may get asthma?

The Chinese theory is that asthma is caused by a block in two specific meridians [called Shoe Points]. There are modern software programs that treat asthma and allergies while stimulating those areas/meridians with instruments.

So how do you stimulate those meridians for asthmatics?

I can send a digital signal to the person via a cuff on their arm while I stimulate the Shoe Points of their back using a gently percussive chiropractic instrument.  It is shaped like a fork and you can run it up and down the back of an asthmatic.

Let’s say you are allergic to sugar, which is very common, and that allergy is what is causing an asthmatic symptom. I would use this instrument to send the digital signal of sugar to your body through the cuff on your arm.  Your body would recognize it but not be triggered to have the asthmatic response. What this does is teach your body to accept this benign substance of sugar and to not misinterpret it as toxic. When you can teach your body not to interpret things as toxic you can eliminate the allergic response and therefore eliminate the asthma.

Book Dr. Cohn Recommends for those looking for an asthma cure

Book Dr. Cohn Recommends for those looking for an asthma cure

How do you know what is causing the asthma?

We find out via muscle response testing (MRT). It is how we determine what you are allergic to.  I go down a list of common allergens, including bodily systems, and test the patient through all of them. I see a lot of people who have reached a point where they are allergic to everything. We start with testing for and treating the most common allergens and go from there.

With a lot of kids it is first noticed during exercise. What has likely happened is they have been living with wheat or other allergies and no one has noticed that they have not been feeling well for a long time, and the allergy just happens to show up when they are six and playing soccer. Sometimes asthma is even circumstantially triggered.

Do you think circumstances or emotions cause asthma anymore than emotions affect anyone else with any other condition?

No. If someone has bad eczema and they have a severe emotional experience it can increase their symptoms. If an asthmatic is having a severe emotional experience it can also cause asthma.

How does someone get to the point where they are allergic to everything?

They start off having a genetic pre-disposition. They say if one parent has allergies then there is a 75% chance that the offspring will as well.  If both parents have allergies there’s a 100% likelihood.  It might show up as food allergies, digestive or respiratory issues so it is difficult to know that their issue is actually an allergy issue. If you are allergic to grain/gluten, after a while you are so compromised and your immune system is so compromised that it opens the door for you to be allergic to everything.

In preparing my book on how 14 people cured themselves of asthma I learned more than ever how incredibly complex asthma is.  Do you have any thoughts on how someone might, aside from going to someone such as yourself, figure out what is causing their asthma?

One of the ways I suggest is that someone eliminates all grains from their diet for a month and see how their asthma improves.  You have to do the elimination if you are not going to see someone like me and you have to get away from processed food because it has so many of the common food additive allergens in it.

I am a big fan of He has a staff of researchers and he is not on the payroll of any pharmaceutical companies. He is a great contributor to health. He talks about how long ago the protein for grain became too large for us to assimilate in our gut and as such when we try to digest it, it really tears up our gut, and for some this is worse than for others. I have not eaten grains in a year and every once in a while I will and the next day I get bloated.  I am my only a ‘one rat study,’ but the change has been very helpful for my general health.

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

14 people who found an asthma cure, by Linda Rubright, founder of The Delicious Day

You said in your email that you could reduce asthma symptoms in people from a ten or a nine in severity to a two or three. Why do you think you can’t get that number down to a one or a two?

I feel like we just have not had enough appointments.  I can only treat one allergen family each appointment. The system I use has 47,000 different allergens in it. It is sort of finding a needle in a haystack. My fee is $125 per appointment. Ten to 15 appointments will typically get asthmatics to a two or a three and they are happy with it.

Do you believe everyone with asthma is actually suffering from allergies or can asthma be caused by things other than allergies?

In the purest sense of the word, they suffer from allergies.

Do you have any idea how many appointments it would take to get it down to a one or a zero?

Each person and his or her immune system is exquisitely unique and I honor their individual time continuum. One woman I worked with did 30 appointments and she just got back from a month in France at a farm. She said she did not have any asthma symptoms at all being exposed daily to what had previously been her worst nightmare. Each person is unique. Some people can get it done in ten appointments.

Do you believe this is a cure for asthma?

Absolutely. I feel people stop doing this work with me because they are satisfied with the results they are at and they do not want to spend more money.

Have you cured any of your patients of asthma?


Why is it that someone like my husband David would have asthma that is caused by wheat, but I would not have any visible reaction to it?

Many think asthma, as a symptom of an allergy, is a genetic predisposition. One of his parents probably has allergies and the more he eats or is exposed to what is causing the allergy the more sensitive his body becomes and the more likely it will cause asthma if he encounters that allergen. That is why eliminations are so important. You are removing the trigger.

If people take away all of the grains and are still having asthma symptoms what are the next things they should eliminate and should they keep wheat out of their diet with the next round of eliminations?

Most people can do without wheat quite well.  I would recommend staying away from it on one’s quest for vibrant health and then eliminating dairy and eggs.  In addition, chicken is one of the most common allergens I treat.

Book Dr. Cohn Recommends on homeopathic remedies for asthmatics

Book Dr. Cohn Recommends on homeopathic remedies for asthmatics and others

Your patients coming to you in hopes of reducing or eliminating asthma symptoms. Is there anything else you recommend they do in conjunction with your treatment?

I am a big believer in having people take baking soda with water three times a day. It is a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass of purified water, if possible, everyday. Our bodies are so acidic because of our diet and this helps us to become more alkaline and balanced.

The other discovery that is big for asthmatics is MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane). Doctors are telling their patients to take up to 9 grams per day.

Is there any particular brand of MSM you would recommend to asthmatics?

Here in the US I’m usually confident with any brand I find at my local health food store.  Online, I like Vitamin Shoppe for a good price.

Are there other books or resources you would recommend for people who are looking to alleviate their asthma symptoms?

Ellen Cutler’s book Winning the War Against Immune Disorders is great. It is more for doctors, but you will find things in there that are helpful resources. I like Cummings and Ullman’s book Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathy. It is a great book for parents and others looking for non-invasive holistic treatment of a wide variety of illnesses and health situations. I also like EFT (emotional freedom technique). It is about tapping on acupuncture points all over your face and shoulders. When people are in a pinch they can do it to themselves and they can shift themselves from a severity of a 10 in asthma symptoms to a 2.  Practitioners who do what I do can be located at: and

You can learn more about Dr. Cohn at:

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