Asthma Cure: Bio-Spiritual Alignment. Does it Sound Like Cosmic Foo Foo? It works!

Laura Mitchell believes, as many others do, that all diseases and illnesses are a result of the body and the spirit being out of alignment. She believes if you can get the body and spirit back into alignment, you can heal and cure the person. She calls her approach to this bio-spiritual alignment and the entire treatment is done entirely with her hands. Does it sound like cosmic foo-foo? The asthmatics she cured (in one session) don’t think so.

Here is a bit of her story.

How would you describe bio-spiritual alignment?

It is Chinese Medicine meets Quantum Physics and intuition. It is about honoring and understanding that a person is more than just a body. Deepak Chopra talks about Quantum Biology which essentially means we are more than a bag of bones and muscles. We are a container of our experiences, belief systems and unprocessed emotions.

I believe in the theory that at the spiritual level there is nothing wrong with the body and what I do with my clients in bio-spiritual alignment is I get the physical part of the body to see this. With bio-spiritual alignment I am helping the physical part of a person to connect with their essence. If you can get people to this level of alignment you can heal and cure them. It is so simple. The symptoms people have are not because they are sick, they are experiencing these symptoms because of a misalignment in their belief systems or things that happened long ago that are still held in the body. This is not my theory. This is not new. This idea has been around for quite some time.

If I have asthma and come into you, how would you apply bio-spiritual alignment to me?

In Chinese Medicine the lungs are about surrender, control and holding grief. When asthmatics or anyone comes to me I want to connect their asthma symptoms with the root of the spiritual problem.

I would have you lie down fully clothed on my table and I would make sure you were comfy. I would then use my hands and intuition to understand your body’s story and history. By doing this I am able to undo the mystery of client’s bodies by going through and asking questions. I may not be asking these questions out loud. I am likely just asking them to myself. The client might be snoring on the table, but what I am doing is getting the story behind these asthma symptoms by asking the body certain questions and then I am using my intuition to understand the body’s answers.

What kind of questions do you ask of an asthmatic’s body?

I ask the same questions of each client’s body. The difference in how I work with my clients is that each person’s answers make up a unique story and I go from there. I would ask questions such as, ‘Is this problem originating from the lungs? Is this problem originating from something else? Is this a vitamin deficiency? Is it an old emotion that has not been processed? Do the lungs need to be re-connected to any other organ or body part for more balance?’ I will ask these questions and then use my intuition, my power of intention and other things I have been taught such as EFT and Bodytalk to figure out the story that created this asthma. I am doing this to learn what created this problem and then I am going to this person’s spiritual self and saying out loud the pattern that I have discovered that created this asthma. I then say that it is ok to release it now.  I don’t only focus on symptoms. Anything can be connected to anything else. Part of the formula or the solution is to release the nervous system’s response to the environmental stimuli that trigger the asthma attacks. I might even do some energy moving to pull the grief out of the lungs if I was working with an asthmatic client.

Sometimes by doing this I get senses that a tragedy happened at a young age and I mention it and sometimes they tell me they do not want to talk about it which is ok. I can get the body to release it without them talking about it.

How has bio-spiritual alignment helped your asthma clients? 14 asthma cures

With one of my asthma patients he healed to the point where he has not required asthma medication in two and a half years. With him I could tell there were family problems around the age of seven that played a part in his asthma.

I have another asthmatic client that had a mother that yelled a lot, so it was easier for her as a child to be invisible and small and to hide from her mother’s yelling. One of the ways she was trying to hide was by changing her breathing which effectively gave her asthma symptoms. She came to me once and after one session could exercise without using her inhaler.

I got pleurisy, an illness that causes extreme pain due to liquid in the lungs, when I was 19.  I could not get rid of it. I had it forever. Then I learned that the lungs were Chinese Medicine’s center for grief. When I was 19 my boyfriend was killed. I could not get rid of pleurisy because they were just treating me for liquid in my lungs. I had someone release the grief from me and I got better.

I typically do not need to refer people to other types of doctors or therapists because once I can connect with them at a spiritual level I can heal and cure them.  If you have knee problems or bipolarism or vitamin deficiencies or anything else I can balance the body to heal these symptoms. I know that every person can be healthy and healed.

You have cured people of asthma?

Yes. I like to say that I helped their body to be smarter. I don’t like taking credit for the cure. Their body actually has to do the work. The person may not even be aware of it, but their body has to release this awareness or illness and I just help the body do that.

Every person has far more power than they realize with their health. We should have open source healthcare where people see and understand that they have the power to heal themselves. Even if clients do not think it is possible, bio-spiritual alignment can still help; which I love because a lot of wives send in their stubborn husbands and then they are like, ‘Wow, my back feels better.’ It even works with the nay-sayers. I just do this treatment with my hands. It is the power of hands and the power of intention and observation.

Are you saying all diseases can be cured if you aligned the spirit of the body with the physicality of the body?

Yes. I had a client who had a growth. She had one session with me. Part of the issue with the growth I learned during the session was she never slowed down and there was a complete lack of self love, almost self hatred. When they pulled the growth out three days after the session nearly all the cells on this growth were dead. Doctors had no words for it.

Every disease is a wake-up call. I have no fear in these crazy diagnoses people get. I look at it as a wake-up call and think, ‘Ok, let’s deal with it.’ I think a lot of time it is the fear of the disease that kills people. The burden of their fears is often more detrimental than the actual thing that is happening to the body.

What are you finding is Western medicine’s reaction to this?

This is just now seeping into Western medicine. At times I am met with disdain by typical Western practitioners where they say, ‘How can hands actually heal you?’ But I think, ‘Isn’t it easier to heal with hands than with drugs and besides, hands don’t have harmful side effects.’ I am constantly looking for new clients because my clients heal and don’t come back.

Western doctors who feel stuck or lost are entering classes about systems beyond what they have learned in medical school. Doctors are starting to realize, ‘All I can do is give a drug, tell them to stop stressing out or to change their life or give them surgery.’ As humans we are not just masses of physicality. Medicine works at a physical level, but we are actually more evolved than just masses of physicality. We are spiritual people. We need a new system besides the same old stuff – yesterday’s medicine. There is so much more information now, why are we still using yesterday’s medicine? The drug companies have quite a hold on what doctors do. It is very easy to stay in yesterday’s system. It is a money based system. I want to be a client based system. I do not make nearly as much money as Western doctors do, but my clients are really happy.

How many sessions did it take to get your client that has not had any asthma symptoms in two and a half years to that point?

One. When he came he did not come to get rid of the asthma. He came for something else. He thought having asthma was the way it was going to be for the rest of his life for him. A lot of people think they have their condition for their lives or they have to take this drug for the rest of their lives. I had two asthmatic clients who had one session each and the asthma was completely gone. Allergies can go away really quickly as well.

It seems like what you are saying is that no matter what the illness or trigger is you or someone like you would be a good place to start for asthmatics looking for a cure.

Yes and a good place to finish. If for example you went to a chiropractor because a rib was out of alignment and they put it back into place, my question would be, ‘Why was the rib out of alignment?’

I want to go back and figure out why the rib was out of alignment. Maybe it has something to do with the liver, but if you can figure out the pathology of the liver and get that in alignment then you have eliminated the need for the rib to move out placement.

I would never discourage anyone in experimenting with different practitioners and different modalities. Once someone takes the reins for their own health I am all for that. I had a client with MS and I encouraged her to go to a gluten free diet and the results were amazing. I don’t think there is only one way to heal. If you go to the root you can release anything – anything can go away.

How would someone look for someone like you if you were not in their area?

I call myself a bio-spiritual practitioner, but this is my name. The first system I was trained in was Bodytalk. There is another system call Accunect. I have taken a lot of classes and learned a lot and have put it together into my system that helps my clients.

Would you say your system is proprietary to you?

Yes, but it is open source. I am happy to teach others how to do it. It is very teachable. It is not a secret. I sometimes feel like the gangsta of undergound medicine. I prefer to empower people and educate them on what wellness really means so we can shift the paradigm of the person. Once someone understands that at some level they can heal themselves they get better so much faster. I want my clients to recognize that they are partners in this thing.

Norman Cousins wrote a whole book on it, The Anatomy of an Illness. It’s a really scary thing at first to have this responsibility that we have anything at all to do with how healthy we are, so I work gently with my clients to help them see this. I remember being so mad when I realized that this was my job. I’ve gotten over it, of course. I find that this new paradigm for understanding can take years for someone to shift into – and some never do. Still, once the Bio-Spiritual Alignment approach is taken true wellness begins to take over.

What do you charge?

I charge $125 for the first session and $100 after that. If someone refers a client to me I will deduct $25 off their next session. If someone does not have money I will work something out with them. I think our healthcare has become really elitist and I don’t want to turn anyone away.

Where are you located?

I travel between New York City, Los Angeles, Michigan and Florida.

You said in your email to me that you find there is a relationship between growing up in a house with yelling parents, an aggressive sibling and/or an alcoholic parent and asthma. What did you mean by that?

I think before anyone has the language to understand or talk about what is going on around them they create protective mechanisms which is actually really smart. They create protective mechanisms such as a belief that as long as I breathe ‘like this’ I can be safe. But later as adults it is better to release and move beyond those held patterns because you no longer have any need for them.

Anything else you would like to add?

Healing is not one size fits all. Each person is so unique and I think that is why some asthmatics do not heal when they are getting the factory pharmaceutical treatment. We were not made in factories. We should not be treated with a factory approach. It seems silly that I would walk into a doctor’s office and ask ‘What is wrong with me?’ Why am I asking them? They should be asking my body.

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