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Our Mission:

Started in 2007, The Delicious Day highlights the best of the best of Colorado, World Travel and Life.

Our Stats:

  • 302,969 visitors came to The Delicious Day in the last 365 days (December 12, 2012 – December 12, 2013). This is an average of 24,660 per day.
  • 83% of these visitors are from the U.S. with the remaining 17% being from Canada, Australia and European Countries.
  • 40% of site visitors are from Colorado with California, Texas and New York being the next most popular states for site visitors.
    • The Delicious Day audience is primarily ages 25-44
    • Alexa Rank in the US is 101,114
    • Social media followers 6,051

Where You Can Find The Delicious Day:

Where you can find The Delicious Day

A few other things to know about us:

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