About us

Looking for the best things to do in Colorado? For thoughts about life?

Hey there! We are Linda and David.

We have spent a huge chunk of our lives traveling, living, working and experiencing the people and places of countless corners around the globe. NOW we are returning to our own hometowns to do the same.

If you are looking for information on the best of the best things to do in and around Denver and Colorado or some perspective on being a tourist in your own town or even a tourist in your own life, you have come to the right place.

Here is why:

Prior to meeting in Borneo, David (dah-veed) and I lived, worked and traveled throughout the world’s cities, islands, countrysides and mountain towns. Before and since that one special day in Borneo where our travel itineraries overlapped for 18 short hours, we collectively traveled throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America. Hell, Linda even traveled across the Atlantic Ocean on a 45 foot sailboat with three others once. (I mean with the price of flights these days, we must be creative musn’t we?)

In 2011 we married and later moved to David’s hometown outside of Barcelona, Spain. It was here that I re-started what I began while living in Amsterdam – The Delicious Day.

Originally, The Delicious Day was the place I published my mental wanderings and profiled people with compelling yet rarely told life stories. As an example, some of my first interviews were with prostitutes in Amsterdam’s Red Light District which not only prompted 10s of 1000s of visits but caused numerous phone calls from my dad to ensure I felt financially stable.

After Amsterdam and while I was in Spain, I continued to explore the world around me via personal writing and via profiling people who approach work, life, travel and health in unconventional yet inspirational ways.

In this, I interviewed numerous compelling individuals. To name a few I heard the stories of Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of the Rwanda Environment Management Authority who spearheaded the first countrywide plastic bag ban in the world, a woman who cured her Multiple Sclerosis, a man who decided one day move to Cambodia and two weeks later lived there and many people who lost their jobs and found something they had spent years prior looking for – happiness.

It was on a trip home to Colorado when I realized this – although I may understand people and places 1000s and 1000s of miles away and although I had lived in and traveled Colorado for over a decade, did I know it as well as some other corners of the world?

And why was it I felt that traveling was only traveling if it involved crossing oceans, foreign borders and severe jet lag?

And wasn’t discovering what was at the end of my street, city, state and region just as interesting and worthwhile as exploring the remote corners of the Masai Mara, Menorca or Malaysia?

And shouldn’t I be sharing all of the tips and tricks I have learned along the way with others who want to live and travel in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them?

And what better incentive to do all of this than to share it with my favorite travel partner, my favorite life partner and my greatest adventure – David.

After 40 years, it was time for David and I to learn to be tourists in our own towns. We wanted to take our gobs of life and world travel experiences to discover (and re-discover) the ins and outs of Colorado and to share these experiences with Colorado locals who, like us, want to do more, know more and get off the beaten path more, with Colorado tourists who want to go beyond the travel guides and get the often hard to find local insight on the best of the best things to do in and around Denver and Colorado and for those who just want inspiration (and for the countless who continue to inspire us) about the many fabulousness to be found, people to meet and life to be experienced while being tourists of your own life, in your own town.


We are always looking for the next best place to visit, partnerships and simply to meet new people. Want to chat? Email me.